Business books

I’ve decided to write down all the business books that I’ve read recently. This motivates me to read more to put more books on this list. And at the same time, this is my way to share the books I like with others.

Most of the books on this list shaped me to become the person I’m now. I’m grateful to have a chance to learn from others. And I really those books will help you to understand the world better, same as they helped me.

AuthorBookMy opinion
Grant CardoneThe 10X Rule: The Only Difference Between Success and FailureI love it. A heavy injection of motivation to take action. A reminder that success is built, not given
Chris VossNever Split the DifferenceA must-read for everyone. Easy to read, but full of simple yet effective advice on negotiation.
Robert T. KiyosakiRich Dad Poor DadA starter book for any entrepreneur. How much of a difference a mindset of one makes.
A New EarthEckhart TolleThis book was an eye-opening experience for me on the things that I haven’t thought of before. Recommend!
UnshakeableTony RobbinsAn introduction to stock investing, read it to better understand stock markets.
Elon MuskAshlee VanceHow the life of one man can change the life of a whole generation. Elon, the entrepreneur from a capital E.

I don’t claim that those books are the best of a kind. Each of them taught me something new and opened my eyes and my mind to things that I didn’t know of ever think of before. They changed my personality and increased my resolution on one topic or another. That is why they are on my list. And if you want to follow my example in part or in full, I suggest reading them. Also, I’m always open to new suggestions, so don’t hesitate to leave a comment naming your favorite business book. And I will make sure to look closely into it.

Borys Rasin