Borys Rasin

Aloha, my name is Borys Rasin, I am a coach, speaker, business owner, athlete, and traveler. As of 2022, I live and run a business in Hawaii, US. Now let me tell you more about myself and how I can help you.

Borys Rasin

Business coach and speaker

During my life, I have organized businesses in various fields: tourism, wholesale deliveries, retail, eCommerce, construction, and many others.

But to tell the truth, I like business coaching the most. Business coaching is practical assistance to entrepreneurs, it is an opportunity to share the knowledge and experience that I have accumulated over the years, and it is an opportunity to realize myself by helping others and making this world a better place. Yes, in this activity, as in any business, there is an economic interest – money, but my primary goal is the success of my customers. For me, there is no stronger and more pleasant feeling than when my knowledge brings success and financial dividends to my clients.

Small business owner

As I wrote earlier, I started, organized, and developed businesses in various directions before coming to the USA. After coming to the USA, I reconsidered my views on business and decided to focus on the project that inspires me the most – business coaching for small businesses.

But besides this, I have another project where I am the owner and it brings me passive income: is a flooring store and flooring contractor.

I am a supporter of diversifying sources of income and despite the fact that I have found my favorite thing, I still try to avoid the situation when I have only one source of income.


My mother, Nataliia Rasina, told me that from the moment of birth I had so much energy that it could be divided into three more children, and still, it would be hard to handle me. I myself do not remember these times, but I believe her as a mother and a close friend.

In order to somehow direct my energy into a “peaceful channel”, from the very childhood I was introduced to various sports: badminton, karate, diving, swimming, etc. But somehow everything did not work out until I was 7 years, I was brought to one of the best Lviv tennis clubs. Thus began my lifelong love of tennis. I professionally played tennis until the age of 18 and became a candidate for master of sports. In Kyiv, while studying at the university two faculties, the time of tennis has passed.

The time for tennis has passed, but the energy remained and it urgently needed to be put somewhere. I began to regularly travel to the Carpathians in winter and first ski, and later I mastered snowboarding. In the summer, wakeboarding became my hobby.

In 2015, already in the Hawaiian Islands, I discovered in myself a huge craving for ocean activities – surfing, freediving, and diving. Currently, I have completely devoted myself to surfing, because I love the ocean, I love being in the water, and the complexity of this sport only spurs my passion and interest in it.


I started traveling at a fairly early age with my parents. They went there for work or just to relax. These were the most vivid memories of my childhood when I and my Doberman dog Olgerd are sitting in the back seat of a car that rushes to meet new adventures.

Already in high school, my friend from the tennis club Orest Zub breathed into me a love of travel. Together we went skiing and snowboarding on the Carpathians, in the summer we lived in an international language camp in the small town of Vysne Ruzbachy in Slovakia. I went to study in Kyiv and our paths diverged, but we suddenly somehow intersected in different countries of the world – Sri Lanka, Thailand, Indonesia and others. The travel virus has settled in us forever.

After graduating from university, and creating and automating my business, I began to actively travel. I was lucky to sail on a yacht as part of an international youth crew in the Black and Mediterranean Seas. Visit Turkey, Greece, Malta, and Italy. Then there was Asia, South America, and Europe.

I have been living and working in the USA since 2015.

I love to travel, meet interesting people, and get acquainted with the world of traditions and customs, everyday features, and holidays of different nations. My immediate plans are to visit Alaska, Australia, and Japan. I want to see as much as possible on our planet Earth, and if Elon Musk’s plan succeeds, then visit Mars.

Meeting in person

And now that you have learned a little more about me and my life, I want to know how I can be useful to you. The easiest way to start our interaction is to register for one of my upcoming events. Most of my events are free and explain how to start a business or help to network with other business owners. In any case, I look forward to meeting you!